YES! Wallpaper is making a comeback. After a decade of dormancy, market size decline and a focus on Paint, wallcoverings are at last making a strong comeback!  Recent publications provided at the end of this blog tell a very positive and encouraging story.  However, it is our belief that the availability of affordable wallpapers and murals opened the eyes of designers and DIYers to their potential. But before you read these, let’s examine some recent history.

What Happened to Wallpaper?

At Retail: Pre-2005 Wallpaper traditionally sold from in stock and from special order pattern books.  The expensive books yielded minimal returns for the retailer.  Inventory was difficult to manage, required high investment, and stock turnover was slow. Therefore, the cost of keeping assortments updated was prohibitive for many retailers.  Meanwhile, paint manufacturers radically strengthened their marketing, creating stronger demand for their wall coatings.

At Home:  While wallpaper provided more exciting decor effects, it was viewed as a product that was not particularly easy to install. Add to that, that it was extremely difficult to remove prior to re-decoration, especially if the room had been previously wallpapered.  Color consistency in production was often an issue and manufacturers had to provide batch numbers to ensure adequate color matching on the wall. As a result, the process was very cumbersome.

By 2005 retailers were not profiting from the sale of wallpapers and homeowners were turning to paint.  Simultaneously, some of the Big Box retailers discontinued the category and this action snowballed. Today there are virtually no retail outlets that sell wallpaper from ‘in stock’ and very few offer the product via special order.

Looking Forward

This trend has created a pent-up demand for wallcoverings. With the advent of ‘custom digitally printed products’, affordable wallpapers and murals are fast becoming the décor preference.  The print quality is outstanding, the materials (substrate) are tough and resilient, installation is easy and removal is a cinch!  There is no waste because the customer provides the dimensions they need. We cut the materials into exact sized panels to complete the installation.  Thanks to modern technology, if reordering is necessary (for repairs), you’ll get the same identical color match.

The design choices for both wallpaper and murals are enormous and can be selected on our web site in the comfort of your home.  With this in mind, we at Distinctive Wallcoverings and Decor make the selection process as easy as possible. We provide installation guidance and identify all the tools needed. It is no wonder wallpaper is fast becoming the choice of fine décor!

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Wallpaper Applied in Living Room

From home living rooms to corporate offices, Wallpapers spruce up any space.

Wallpaper In The News

Extract from MarketsandMarkets in PR Newswire. June 8, 2018.

The Digitally Printed Wallpaper Market size is projected to grow from USD 2.53 Billion in 2018 to USD 7.74 Billion by 2023, at a compounded annual growth rate of 25.0%. The residential segment dominated the market in 2017 and is projected to be the fastest-growing end-use sector over the next five years. As a result of the rising urbanization and industrialization, the demand for aesthetically appealing interior decoration is also growing.

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Extract from AJC Living.  Nov. 14, 2018

Go wallpaper-crazy. And speaking of the ’80s: “The wallpapers of the ’80s are coming back,” says Kartheiser. “We had wallpaper in every single room growing up.” The design world, she says, has been bringing that idea back, and it’s catching fire.   “People are feeling bolder and more confident in their choices, and I always tell clients that it’s the thing you’re the most afraid of that you end up loving the most once it’s installed. That’s what wallpaper and big bold prints do.” Our advice? Take the plunge into granny chic with an allover floral.

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Extract from  December 4, 2018

Don’t let the next polar vortex take the wind out of your home renovation sails. A winter weekend is a great time to tackle an indoor improvement project.

7 home improvement projects you should tackle in the winter
3. Create an accent wall with removable wallpaper

Time: An hour

Tools: Scissors, utility knife

Wallpaper has made a serious comeback, but today’s bold hues and prints are a departure from the granny-esque designs of yore. If you’re curious about this trend but not quite ready to go all-in, start by wallpapering an accent wall rather than an entire room.

Opt for a peel-and-stick removable wallpaper  that you can easily take down once you tire of it. Unlike traditional wallpaper, the removal process is painless (for both you and your walls), which means this weekend project is feasible for renters and homeowners alike.

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Wall Mural as Decor

Wallpapers or Murals can create an eye catching feature wall!

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