Do You Know The Difference Between Wallpapers & Murals?

Many websites describe their products as ‘Wallpaper Murals’. However, this is quite confusing as these are really two different decor products!  In reality, many companies only offer Murals and not Wallpapers. Distinctive Wallcoverings & Decor offers both products and we present them separately on our website.

The Main Difference

Murals are generally applied to just one feature wall in a room, while Wallpaper is applied to more, sometimes all four walls. Wallpapers are even applied to ceilings!

Wallpaper designs are tiled to match at each seam (most often 24” wide) with a variety of matching options. The design provides a straight match pattern, a drop match, or no match.  Wallpapers create an overall décor effect by combining design, color and/or texture.  They provide unique decorative opportunities and personal expression. Murals on the other hand are generally a single photographic image (such as a mountain or tropical beach scene) that covers the entire wall area to be decorated.

Some smaller Wallpaper designs actually have improved appearance when produced as a larger scale Mural. For example if you are looking for a shiplap effect (paneled wood) and type in the Wallpaper Search Box – “Natural Wood” the design scale may be too small. As an option type “Natural Wood” into the Mural search box and you will get larger scale options that likely will be more acceptable.

Our Murals are available in the same 24” width as wallpaper, however, each panel is a straight match to complete the overall scene. When the description ‘Wallcoverings’ is used, this refers to both Wallpaper & Murals.  The difference can be seen in the pictures below.

Wallpaper Application

‘Wallpaper’– (Dictionary Definition) Paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide a decorative or textured surface. Typically applied to more than 1 wall.

mural application

‘Mural’– (Dictionary Definition) A painting or other work of art executed directly on a singular wall.

Distinctive Wallcoverings & Decor Similarities

In most all instances, the wallcovering material/substrate and it’s adhesive system are the same for both Wallcoverings and Murals.  Distinctive Wallcoverings & Decor has three premium quality materials to choose from for our Wallpapers and Murals. We offer Prepasted, Peel & Stick Canvas Texture, and Seamless Fabric Texture as material/substrate options, all are 24″ wide.  We offer a unique feature in that our Fabric Texture is also available in seamless panel sizes up to 126″ x 144″. The widths are a benefit that will minimize the number of seam joins and is particularly suitable for large commercial installations.

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