Premium Seamless Fabric Wallpapers and Murals

These premium heavy duty Wallcoverings have a luxurious low sheen, are scrubbable, lightfast and when it comes time to re-decorate – strippable. A tough material, produced with block out backing for strength and hiding capabilities over problem walls. It can even be directly applied over grooved paneling up to ¼ inch and cracked walls once they have been sanded and primed. It is PVC free, environmentally & fire rated compliant and child safe. Weight 330 GSM.

This Wallcovering requires paste, which for ease of installation can be applied directly to the wall with a roller. You will need to purchase Strippable Ready-Mixed Wallpaper Paste, such as Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear Adhesive.

You can order this product as a ‘seamless’ Wallcovering up to 144” wide and up to 126” high. However, if you prefer to work with 24” panels, so indicate on your order entry and all panels will be printed 24” wide. If your total wall width is not exactly divisible by 24”, the last panel will have a narrower printed area to complete the full width of your dimensions.

Ideal for homes, including bathrooms and kitchens and high traffic commercial installations.