Prepare, Install and Remove Wallpapers & Murals

Tip from the pros: Taking the right steps to prepare your walls for wallcovering installation allows for easy removal when redecorating.

Here is a quick reference describing the easy steps to hang Wallcovering and removal at the time of redecoration. For more detailed instructions, see our wallpaper and mural installation guides.

Wall Preparation

Make sure the walls are clean and smooth – patch and sand any cracks if necessary.  Apply one coat of latex wall primer, Shieldz Wallcovering Primer is ideal. This seals the surface and makes removal easy at the time of re-decoration.


All Distinctive Wallpapers and Murals are shipped to you in separately numbered panels per the measurements provided. See the illustration below.

wallpaper and mural installation

Just follow the easy directions below for each of the three materials we offer – First measure 23” from the left edge/corner and drop a plumb line – this makes sure that your first and subsequent strips are perfectly upright.  (Note that the three materials listed below are the same for Wallpaper & Murals.)

installing wallpapers and murals

Installing Wallpapers and Murals in your Home or Office


Separately, and one at a time in sequence, roll the panels paste side out and soak in cool water for 20-30 seconds, remove from the water tray and fold paste side to paste side and let sit for 3-4 minutes allowing the paste to activate.  Hang from the top down, the first strip (right edge) lined up with the plumb line and the left edge (approx. 1”) will be secured into the corner with your smoothing tool. Trim away this excess as well as at the ceiling and baseboard. Install all subsequent strips butt joining at the seams.  This same process to be used when you are installing Wall Liner.

Peel & Stick Canvas Texture

Same install procedure as Pre Pasted except you will remove the paper backing (to expose the self adhesive and install in small increments from the top butt joining the seams as you install moving down the wall.

Fabric Texture

Same install procedure as Pre-Pasted & Peel & Stick, with the difference being that due to it’s heavier weight you will need to purchases and use a Strippable Ready-Mixed Wallpaper Paste. Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear Adhesive is a good option.  Apply this to the wall using a paint roller, for each panel as you install it.

All three install applications are easy and take about the same amount of time.

Removing Wallcoverings Prior to re-Decoration.

All three of these Wallcovering materials are very easy to remove!

Prepasted – Spray water on the surface and let sit for about 10 minutes – pull directly from the wall.

Peel & Stick – Just peel away the paper from the wall surface.  It can actually be used again, just be careful not the tear while removing.

Fabric Texture – Just pull away from the wall. It’s that easy!

Remember! The secret to easy removal is to be sure to prime the walls before you first install Wallcoverings!

If you need more guidance on how to properly install your wallpapers or murals, see our installation guides for more information.

Wallpaper and Mural Installation Guides