How to Order Wallpaper and Murals


Select your Image

  • Choose your Wallcovering design from our extensive photo library of exceptional diverse and stunning images or easy Search for Your Perfect Wallpaper or Mural. Type in one of the 2 search boxes specifically what you are looking for: Wallpaper example: Pink Floral,  Mural example: London Bridge. This will provide you with multiple options. You can also type in an Adobe Stock image ID.  Wallpaper Collections and Mural Collections: Click on the collections of your choice – Wallpaper example: Architectural – Mural example: Lake/Rivers. This will provide you with thousands of options to select from
  • Alternatively just upload your own high resolution digital image and we will print this to your size specification. We will tell you if your image has sufficient pixels to support the printing of your Mural size. For best results use a dedicated digital camera rather than a mobile phone.

Measure Walls

  • Enter the height and width of your Wallcovering space in inches – if you are wallcovering the entire wall, add 2” to the height & 4” to the width of the wall measurement. For multiple walls, add these dimensions for each. This will compensate for the possibility of the wall being out of plumb.
  • When measuring one or several walls of a room, measure height and width excluding crown molding and baseboard. Measure horizontally – top and bottom and vertically both sides – use the two largest measurements if they are not the same. If you are planning to cover a wall partially, provide the exact dimensions in inches. Walls with doors/windows should be measured whole. Trim away these areas when installing.
  • Please Note: Minimum wallcovering order is 26 sq. ft. (exclusive of Wall Liner ordered and shipped along with your wallcovering order.) Wall Liner ordered and shipped without wallcoverings – minimum order is 200 sq. ft.

Measure Ceilings

  • In most instances for easier installation, you will want to hang across the narrowest width of the ceiling. As an example, when ordering your wallcovering for a ceiling measuring 20’ x 14’, you will enter 240″ in the ‘Width’ box and 168″ in the ‘Height’ box. You will receive 10 panels each 2’ wide x 14’. (Note that you will need to add 2” to all your measurements to compensate for the possibility of the ceiling being out of plum.)
  • If for reasons of design enhancement you decide to wallpaper across the widest width – 20’, then when ordering you would enter 168″ in the ‘Width Box’ and 240’ in the Height Box. In this case you will receive 7 panels each 2’ wide x 20’. (Note that you will need to add 2” to all your measurements to compensate for the possibility of the ceiling being out of plum.)

Size and panels

  • For Murals you have the option to crop the image by positioning selected area of the image you want to keep.
  • For Wallpaper you don’t have the option to crop seamless patterns.
  • Click box to see how many panels will be supplied for your Wallcovering.

Color Options

Check as required:

  • Original Color (default)
  • Black & White

Orientation Options (Murals Only)

Check as required:

  • Regular (Default)
  • Flip Image

Use the grid to reposition the image to your liking.


Select Material

  • Distinctive Prepasted Wallpapers & Murals
  • Peel & Stick Canvas Texture – Wallpapers & Murals
  • Seamless Fabric Texture – Wallpapers & Murals

At this point your Wallcovering cost (calculated by size & material) will be displayed.


Request a Sample

8 3/4” x  5 3/4” samples of the four material types may be ordered by clicking on the box below. They will not be printed, enabling you to more easily choose the most suitable material for your wallcovering project. There is a $5.00 charge for the samples, handling & mailing which will be refunded along with your wallcovering order.


Terms of Service

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