Decorating Problem Walls

We know that not all walls are perfect. Over time, cracks appear and sheetrock joins can be seen.  Some walls, particularly those in basements, are even paneled.  Oftentimes these panels are adhered directly to studs, and removing them for new decoration becomes a major and expensive project.

In order to cover and fix problem walls you can either apply wallpaper or paint and that will cover the imperfections and revitalize your room…but what about the paneling grooves or the cracks in the sheetrock?

Relax! Now there is an easy solution!

Our Distinctive Wall Liner is the answer to homeowners that want to cover and fix problem walls!  This strong bridging wallcovering material is Prepasted and is easily applied to the problem or paneled wall or ceiling.  The pictures below illustrate the process and solution.

cover wood paneling and then apply wallpaper

Distinctive Prepasted Wallpaper installed over primed paneling and Distinctive Prepasted Wall Liner.

cover wood paneling and then paint

Distinctive Prepasted Wall Liner installed over primed paneling and then painted.

apply textured wallpaper directly on wood paneling

Seamless Fabric Texture Mural installed directly over primed Paneling.

Wall Liner Application

For Sheetrock or Drywall.

Fill any cracks in the sheetrock with spackling paste, allow to dry, and then sand smooth. Then prime all bare and repaired areas.  There is no need to apply Wall Liner to the repaired sheetrock.  After all gaps, cracks, or dents are covered, you can now apply paint or wallpaper to the walls.

Wall Paneling

Remove any contaminants such as polish and then prime the area with Shieldz Universal Wallcovering Primer.  Next, apply the Wall Liner over the paneling to conceal and bridge the grooves (up to 1/8” width).  If using Distinctive Prepasted Wallpaper or Murals you’ll need to use the wall liner over any paneling .  However, when using Peel & Stick Canvas Texture or Seamless Fabric Texture (which are thicker materials) application can be made directly over the primed paneling.

Once the project is completed you will have perfect walls, and no one will ever know they were paneled or cracked before!

Wall Liner Application Tips

  1. The Wall Liner panels are 27” wide. (Wallpaper & Mural panels are 24” wide.)  This 3” difference minimizes the possibility of the wallpaper or mural  seam falling directly over the Wall Liner seam, when wallpapering over.  Overlapping and double cutting is not a good idea.
  1. Butt together the precision trimmed Wall Liner panels – do not overlap the seams as you install each panel – they will show when painted or wallpapered over.
  1. If you are covering wall paneling that has an excessive number of vertical grooves, apply the Wall Liner horizontally. This will avoid the possibility of a seam falling on a panel groove.

Now that you know how to cover and fix problem walls with our Distinctive Wall Liner, order yours today!

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