Research and View Places of Interest Worldwide

In addition to providing separate search boxes to select Wallpaper and Murals, we recently added a new option designed to enable you to research and view places of interest worldwide!  GLOBAL SEARCH is now front and center on our homepage.

If you are planning a vacation or have an interest in a foreign location – anywhere in the world – just type in the specific place or geographic area. You’ll be presented with a number of relevant photos for your viewing.  You can then make a screenshot of a small grouping that contains the scene you are interested in to help narrow down your choices.  If you want to use one of the images for decoration, click on it and follow the steps to order it as a mural for your home or business.

Our example below, Kastani Beach, is where most of the movie Mamma Mia, #2 was filmed.  You can be specific or general in your search. For instance, if you type “St Lucia” some 2,000 images will be displayed. However, by typing “Pitons” (Two mountainous volcanic spires located in St Lucia) you will get about 1,000 images, just of the Pitons.

Kastani Beach

The world is a BIG place so not every city, island or monument will be available in our search tool.

Enjoy the Tour!