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Enjoy the many exciting choices and ease with which you can select, purchase and install these quality Wallpapers and Murals for Your Home or Business.
Select from over a million images in our library, or you can use your own high-resolution digital photo.

All Our Wallpapers and Murals are Digitally Printed in the USA with State of the Art Machinery using Eco Friendly Latex Technology.


Wallpaper and Mural Applications

Murals are most generally applied to just one feature wall in a room. Wallpapers are often applied to more walls, sometimes all four. We also offer Ceiling Wallpapers and Ceiling Murals that create very exciting decor effects. When the description ‘Wallcoverings’ is used, this refers to both Wallpapers and Murals.

Wallpaper Room

Wallpaper on Multiple Walls

Ceiling Wallpaper

Ceiling Wallpaper

Mural on Feature Wall

Mural on a feature wall

Custom Printed Wallpapers and Murals

Your Wallpaper and Mural panels are custom printed, using your dimensions, printed and shipped to you in separate 24” wide panels. The minimum order size is 26 sq. ft.

The 24” wide panels are in numbered sequence. If your total wall(s) width is not exactly divisible by 24” the last panel will have a narrower printed area to complete the full area of your dimensions. (Remember to add 2” to the height & 4” to the width to compensate for uneven or out of plumb walls). Installation instructions and tools needed are included with the roll for ease of reference. Pattern design and repeats match up perfectly.

Wallpaper and Mural Installation

Covers Problem Walls & Ceilings

In addition to the beauty and décor attributes, our Wallcoverings are designed and engineered to provide solutions for cracked, or problem walls. They can even be used to cover paneling. Peel & Stick Canvas Texture and Seamless Fabric Texture are both produced with heavyweight materials that will bridge gaps in paneling up to 1/8” and problem walls that have been patched and primed. When decorating with Distinctive Prepasted Wallpapers and Murals, first apply Distinctive Prepasted Wall Liner to cover the grooves. Allow it to dry for 24 hours and then apply your Wallcovering. You can also paint over the Wall Liner.

Prepasted Wallpapers

Distinctive Prepasted Wallpaper installed over primed paneling and Distinctive Prepasted Wall Liner

Prepasted Wall Liners

Distinctive Prepasted Wall Liner installed over primed paneling and then painted

Seamless Fabric Texture Mural

Seamless Fabric Texture Mural installed directly over primed paneling

Distinctive Brands

Our 3 Brands listed below are all DIY and Pro friendly. Our Wallpaper and Mural Designs are printed on a Prepasted Wallcovering, Peel & Stick Canvas Texture, or a Seamless Fabric Texture. These products are easy to install and remove when it is time for re-decoration.
They are applied with the seams butt joined. We do not recommend overlapping or double cutting seams.
They are ideal for homes, including bathrooms & kitchens and commercial installations.

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